10 Questions with Barry the Mortician

By Theron Moore

I was listening to a band called Vulvectomy over Thanksgiving weekend whose music can only be described as disturbing to the core fiber of one’s being.  Naturally this led me to iTunes to chase my sickness further with more gore infested death metal ala the Mortician releases.  I needed “Hacked up for BarbecueNOW.

Blessed be iTunes to sell me even more music I can’t afford by showing me related bands and songs about death and mortuaries and morticians and that’s how I discovered Barry The Mortician, a true find that I’m sharing with all of you.

His self titled EP is a four track gem.  How do you NOT go wrong with these song titles:

             “Spraying Liquid Death”

            “Tits Possessed by a demon”


            “Instructions to Kill”

I checked out the song samples, they sounded good, did the download and was very happy I did.  The music is solid death metal from a guy named Barry doing the whole gig himself.


Church of the Necronomicon (COTN):  I’m dying to know, excuse the pun, all about

Barry the Mortician. Are you Barry andare you a mortician?

Barry the Mortician (BTM):  I am Barry I am not however an actual mortician.


COTN:  Is this a one man project and what city are based out of?

BTM:  It is a one man project as of now with guest appearances based out of Champaign, Illinois.


COTN:  Give us your background and what Barry the Mortician is all about, ’cause the music is

great and this is the first I’ve heard about you.

BTM:  I started writing in 2011 after being inspired buy bands like Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Chimaira.


COTN:  I just got your EP from iTunes, it’s great, listening to it right now. It’s four songs, wish it was longer. Any plans for a full length?

BTM:  Thank you! I have enough for a full length right now, I’m just finishing up tracking and mixing. Release date is TBD.


COTN:I have to say, I enjoyed your song “Tits Possessed by a Demon.” where did that one come from?

BTM:  It was inspired by the movie Paranormal Activity.


COTN:  Speaking of inspiration, what sparks you to write a song? Is it watching movies, music, etc?

BTM:  Mostly horror movies. On the new album I have a few songs based on a concept

rather than a movie.


COTN:  Do you approach this genre with a sense of humor? If so, give me some insight into that.

BTM:  I definitely do. I take the music serious but vocally try to tell stories that have some

humor in them.


COTN:  Has Barry the Mortician played out live much?

BTM:  Nope, never.


COTN:  What’s the band status right now?

BTM:  Active, still planning for first full length.


COTN:  What bands are you listening to right now that you’re recommending?

BTM:  Right nowWithin the Ruins, Revocation, Six Feet Under and Gaped.