Founded:  2013

Genre:  Technical Death Metal

Band Members:

Cantídio Fontes Eduardo Polidori Igor Dornelles Israel Savaris

Hometown:  Porto Alegre

Influences:  Psyopus Viraemia Abnormality Fields of Elysium Rings of Saturn Psycophagist Guttural Secrete

Church of the Necronomicon:  Bring us up to speed on how long Bloody Violence has been around and what records are available.  I noticed you don’t have anything posted on iTunes yet.

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  We have one year and a half since the formation of the band and we have an EP with 3 songs and we are realising this february our full which is called ‘Divine Vermifuge’ with 8 new songs, also we have done 1 music video from this  album already that can be found in our youtube channel:

We posted our music in soundcloud and bandcamp as well. and

Church of the Necronomicon:  What’s the Brazilian metal scene like right now?  Sepultura and Ratos de Parao seem to be the bigger bands people know about here stateside.  Who else do we need to know about?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  The metal scene in Brazil could be better, the public is scarce and as metal subdivides the public gets even more scarce for some type of concerts. We always find some metalheads that are always present and accountable in the concerts, but overall the scene isn’t growing the way we would like.

            Brazil has a lot of great bands to be noticed, some of them: Krisiun, Angra, Hibria, Krow, Ayin, Exterminate, Supersonic Brewer, The Jokke, Spleenful, Charlar, Red Crow Mystical Dog, Dying Breed, Decimator, Space Guerrilla, Finally Doomsday and a bunch of others that I forgot right now.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Have you opened shows for any American metal touring bands?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  We have opened for Nile in December of 2013. It was a memorable night. Opening for one of the bands that inspired us. We are looking forward to open to other american bands as well. Let’s hope that 2015 and the years to come we let us do that more.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Do you  remember at what point in time you decided death metal was the musical route you wanted to take starting a band?  Was it a particular band or record?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  Playing death metal was a natural evolution for me ( Igor ) that began as soon as I started playing guitar. I realized that the music from the bands I used to listen were extremely complex and this feeling gave me the will to play them at any cost! I started listening to death metal with Morbid Angel ( Covenant ) and Cannibal Corpse ( Vile ) at the time with 16 years old and I never stoped.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What’s the US response  been to Bloody Violence via social media?  Are you reaching people, conversing, etc?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  We could get in touch with some people through facebook and Bandcamp that found out our band and bought our EPs. The acceptance was really nice and the people we met were really great. Unfortunatelly we don’t know a lot of people in US yet.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Bloody Violence is described as technical death metal.  For those of us who haven’t heard you, what bands would you compare yourself to that convey the vibe and direction of your band?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  Our sound was inspired by Viraemia, Psyopus, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Rings of Saturn and Nile. So you can probably find something near these bands, but we try to keep original in our own way.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Is the band planning on doing a demo or full length record that we can find on say band camp or iTunes?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  We have already our EP ‘Obliterate’ on Bandcamp. You can reach us at: and you can name your price. We intend to release some musics or even the entire album ( Divine Vermifuge) in bandcamp as well.

Church of the Necronomicon:  In terms of the writing process, where does the inspiration come from?  Is it movies, books, etc?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  It depends. For instance in our first Ep ( Obliterate ) we kind of expose the bad side of the human mind. It was based on some cases that happened to some people that we know. But in our first full ( Divine Vermifuge ) which is to be release feb/2015, some songs were inspired in the Fukushima disaster and other radiation disaster as Chernobyl, we have some UFO cases related to radiation as well as an inspiration for other two songs. In general I love reading and in one way or another I take and mold my writing based on that. And I love writing songs that resemble stories through a view of a character in it.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What does 2015 hold for the band?  What are your plans?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  This year we will release our first full album ( Divine Vermifuge ). We intend to record another music video as well, we are studying the best way to do that yet. We are keeping in touch with some contacts in Europe and studying the viability of some concerts for there. And a lot of concerts in Brazil as well.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Here’s your opportunity to talk about anything we haven’t already.  What other information do you want to convey to us?

Igor Dornelles / Bloody Violence:  First of all we would like to thank you for the interest in our Band. It’s really awesome to see this kind of aprouch. So if anyone is interested in our band, you can get in touch and get our material with us in our facebook page, bandcamp, soundcloud or youtube channel. Thanks very much once more.