THRASH ZONE! This week: Record Reviews of Visigoth, Vivus Humare, Violent Hammer, Orange Goblin, Putrid Offal, Hateful Abandon, ARA, Grimoire, Heaving Earth and the almighty VENOM!!

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The Revenant King

Metal Blade Records

visigoth album cover

“The Revenant King” is nine rockin’ tracks of pure fantasy metal that evoke movies like “Krull,” “Hawk the Slayer,” “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Sword and the Sorcerer.”   The only thing missing from this record is a d20.

If you’re thinking power metal that’s not happening here.  Visigoth is straight up metal with more of a nod to Cirith Ungol than Manowar.   Musically speaking the record is good, it definitely stands out with it’s overt fantasy theme and a sound that takes me back to the early to mid 80’s.

This is going to appeal to fans who are into fantasy and gaming, it’s right up their alley.  To everyone else “The Revenant King” might have to grow on them.  All in all it’s a good, solid piece of metal I’d recommend.

Vivus Humare



vivus humare

Einkehr is five songs of black metal doominess encapsulated in varying states of atmospheric dreamscape ranging from the nightmarish — “Der Schmerz Weckt” & “Auf Morgendlichen Pfaden” — to the unsettling — “In Eos’ Antlitz” & “Abstieg In Die Tife” only to be shat out and born of pain with the final track “Traum.”

VIVUS HUMARE feature in their ranks members of Mosaic and an ex-member of now defunct Alchemyst which explains the bleak nature of this record.  The only thing running through my head as I listened to this record was this simple phrase — “All hope is lost now” which for me summed up the vibe of “Einkehr,” gloomy and full of despair.

But did I like it?  Very much.  Darkness is a good thing to embrace.  “Einkehr” will fill any void inside you with more void.  Buy this record immediately.

Violent Hammer

More Victims

2014 Demo

violent hammer

Holy hell, you gotta be kidding me!  Six tracks of ferocious punk / grind, black metal brutality with just a hint of Hellhammer thrown in for good measure.  “Victims of War” opens this demo and just rips you apart.  Listening to “More Victims” is like walking into a cave not knowing there’s a bear inside and getting torn limb from limb.

Impending doom and apocalypse runs rampant through this demo and well it should.  This is the soundtrack to the end of the world with songs like “Victims of War,” “Extinction (Nuclear War),” “Craving for Flesh,” “Black Death” and “Life after Nuclear Genocide.”

Go to Facebook and check these guys out, then go to bandcamp and buy this demo.  NOW.


Orange Goblin

Back from the Abyss

Candlelight Records

orange goblin

I like everything about this record, there’s not a single thing wrong with it except that it doesn’t come with a pack of rolled joints.  It’s 12 tracks of righteous boogie down, stoner rock.  Track three even finds the band moving in a Motorhead type direction with “The Devil’s Whip.”

“Back from the Abyss” is probably the finest honed record Orange Goblin has put out from a production stand point.  Musically, vocally, every track is spot on tight showcasing how much this band has grown and evolved since issuing “Time Travelling Blues” in 1999.

Musically the big guitars and sheer wall of sound that Orange Goblin are known for are still here just finer tuned and better focused.  I feel like with this record the OG have found their identity as a rock band and aren’t trying to convince you they’re stoner rock, their sound and songs do that for them when and where needed.

“Back from the Abyss” also finds the band covering a lot of ground sound-wise ranging from a 70’s English bluesy groove (“Heavy Lies The Crown”) to stoner (“Sabbath Hex”) to straight up metal (“Bloodzilla”) showcasing their diversity as a band.

There’s also the occasional hint of contemporary peer bands like Fu Manchu, Trouble, Monster Magnet and Clutch running through this record giving “Back from the Abyss” that added extra punch taking this record over the top.  Buy this record, buy it now.  It’s good rock N roll, it’s Orange Goblin at their very best.

Putrid Offal

Mature Necropsy

Kaotoxin Records

putrid offal record cover

Good old fashioned, blood dripping, decomposing death metal.  “Mature Necropsy” is the first full length record in 25 years by Putrid Offal and no shit, this band sounds tighter and heavier than ever with maybe a vibe of Carcass meets Deicide meets Necrophobic coming through which isn’t a bad thing by any means.

As with most death metal you expect a lot of blast beats and such but Putrid Offal kill it with songs that change up musically and vocals that perfectly match each song which by the way are kept short and to the point.

Heavy as fuck and grindy at times.  You can’t go wrong with music like this.   Buy the record!

Hateful Abandon

Liars / Bastards

Candlelight Records


I’ve heard “Liars / Bastards” described as post punk and I definitely get that (witness track 1 “Maze of Bastards” or track 6 “There Will Never Be Peace”) but it also has a distinct post modern, semi futuristic feel to it (track 2 “Culprit,” track 4 “test” and track 7 “December”), so what are we talking about then, what is this?  Simply put it’s raw, abrasive industrial rock ala Godflesh meets Frontline Assembly with an updated, unique sound that’s ALL Hateful Abandon.

“Liars / Bastards” is a return to form with a style of music that found a home in the late 80’s early 90’s but kinda dropped out of sight between the rise of grunge and the last gasp of metal.  Thankfully Hateful Abandon has resurrected that which once was industrial rock and done it justice with their treatment and interpretation of what it should sound like in 2015 — a Kafka-esque soundtrack to either “The Trial” or “The Metamorphosis” (or both) with maybe a hint of German influenced BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Hateful Abandon have created a truly bleak, mechanized landscape with “Liars / Bastards” through seven tracks of unrelenting synth driven, guitar pounding, industrial beats sure to satisfy fans of Fear Factory to Killing Joke.  If this is what the future looks like for industrial rock, bring it on.  Buy this record now!


Devourer of Worlds

Self Released


ARA, who play a complicated style of death metal hail from Milwaukee that has a long and storied death metal scene going all the way back to Koshick’s legendary metalfest and bands like Dr. Shrinker, Viogression and Morta Skuld, so the bar is set high, question is, did they make it?

The answer is a resounding yes.  “Devourer of Worlds” is ten tracks of what I would describe as a semi-math style of death metal but way more balls out and heavy as hell.  ARA takes a lot of chances musically with different time changes and chord structures but pull it off without a hitch.  Check them out via the links below:


L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs



Such longing, mournful cries resonate from this band and this 4 track EP, “L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs,” emotive black metal at it’s saddest pinnacle.  You can’t help but get caught up in the musical depression that is L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs,” but in a good way.

The music, the lyrics connect with you instantly.  You want to know more regarding the pity and remorse, and from whose soul it comes from and why.  The somber tone of this record builds from beginning until end with each song getting deeper, going darker until the fourth and final song, “Cantilene Celeste,” the perfect soundtrack to either a funeral or vampire wedding, either way a celebration of the absence of light and life.

Gothic, dark, dreary and depressing.  Everything celebratory of “The Void.”  Buy this record immediately.

Heaving Earth

Denouncing the Holy Throne

Lavadome Productions

heaving earth art

Of the pits of hell, birthed by the demonic and baptized in the lake of burning fire comes Heaving Earth with ” Denouncing the Holy Throne,” 12 nails in the coffin of all that is holy.

I love everything about this record.  The music is right on, the vocals nail it and the production is tight as fuck.  The music allow itself to change up as needed.  We get the speed and blast beats with “Doomed Before Inception” and the plodding, grinding of both “I Am Nothing” and “Worms of Rusted Congregation.”  This is well thought out, heavier than thou death metal, the way it should be, not constrained by anything.

Heaving Earth is a band to watch which excites me that this next generation of death metal is already out there, scratching and clawing, ready to take over and HE is right there at the top of the heap.  Buy “Denouncing the Holy Throne,” you won’t regret it.


“From The Very Depths”

Spinefarm Records

Layout 1

You gotta be kiddin’ me…The MIGHTY Venom, who are right up there with MOTORHEAD as one of the greatest rock / metal bands ever return with “From The Very Depths” and absolutely rip your scalp off with this thing.

“Grinding Teeth,” “From The Very Depths” and “The Death of Rock N Roll,” are classic, on fire fucking Venom at their very best and I guarantee you, these songs will be ranked up there with the likes of “Welcome to Hell,” “Black Metal” and “Warhead.”

“From The Very Depths” is Venom getting back to basics and doing what’s worked for them and not screwing around.  And for those wondering if Cronos still has the lungs to crush with he does.

“Long Haired Punks” isn’t just an ode to punk rock, it’s a battle song for every metalhead with a jean jacket covered in band patches and metal studs.  It’s how we live our lives and it’s Cronos at his pissed off, angriest on this record.

This is a must buy and officially on my best of 2015 list and ta fuck that it’s only January, it made the grade.  Venom rules.  Don’t be a poser, buy “From The Very Depths” ASAP.

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