The Art of Decomposition: An Interview with Vulvecotomy

By Theron Moore

Vulvectomy refers to a gynecological procedure in which the vulva is partly or completely removed. The procedure is usually performed as a last resort in certain cases of cancer, vulvar dysplasia, vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia, human papillomavirus or female genital mutilation. It’s also the name of a crushing, slam death metal band hailing from Bari/Rome Italy that have released three putrified, gory death metal masterpieces — “Post Abortion Slut Fuck,” “Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation” and “Syphillic Dismembered Slut.” If you’re fans of Abominable Putridity, Cerebral Effusion, Extirpating the Infected and Gortuary you’ll dig Vulvectomy.  Heavy, heavy death metal not for the faint of heart.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Do you think there’s any band out there that’s more extreme or disturbing than Vulvectomy?  Would you say you’re a few steps beyond Mortician shock-wise?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — Well, I don’t take music as a competence, and obviously there’s always someone better, extreme or faster than you, it’s the life,  we simply try to do what we like more in the best way we can and we’r very glad if someone else enjoy our stuff.  And about Mortician…I don’t know…but  for sure they’r one of our influences and it’s an honor for us to read our band name close to their.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Who was doing the sobbing right before tearing into “Molesting Dislimbed Whore?”  That was disturbing to say the least.

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — We locked my younger sister in our basement…for one week or two…..

Church of the Necronomicon:  Vulvectomy is a surgical procedure commonly performed in certain cases of female genital mutilation.  I’m sensing a trend here with women especially since your last record was entitled “Post Abortion Slut Fuck.”  Care to elaborate or am I connecting to many dots?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — Yes you’r right in this case, but we’ve also songs for our male friends, if you know what I mean

Church of the Necronomicon:  Who did the artwork for “Post Abortion Slut Fuck?”  It’s pretty wicked.

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — The artwork for “PASF” album has been draw by Matt Auer aka Mottla…he’s really a cool guy and a sick artist

Church of the Necronomicon:  I have to ask this question.  Where do the inspiration for the song titles and lyrics come from?  For example, “Molesting Dislimbed Whore” from “Syphillic Dismembered Slut.”  Is it horror movies, books, etc?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — The inspiration for the Lyrics, title songs and graphic, came out from our passion for horror movies, strange pathologies and pornography mixed with a little macabre sense of humor.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Has there been any backlash locally or from women’s groups regarding the band’s music or artwork?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — We don’t had much problems during our band existence, because normally people know that it’s music, and don’t take it to seriously… just one time a woman wrote us asking why we chose this name for the band and that this was a bad taste chose (she had a vulvectomy) etc etc…so we explained her we’r a brutal death metal band, it’s music…we’r sorry for her health but…she thinks very bad if she thinks we r bad people…and then there are thousands of scary bands names…and this it doesn’t means that their bands members are serial killers or bad guys…….

Church of the Necronomicon:  Where’s the band based out of?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — The band is based out in Italy, between Rome (Mario) and Bari (me and Giorgio).

Church of the Necronomicon:  Has the band had a chance to tour nationally?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — We’ve played some shows here in Italy but we prefer to play in Europe and Usa where there are more supporters and better organization, obviously with some exception

Church of the Necronomicon:  What major bands has Vulvectomy opened up for?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — We had the opportunity to play at very important fest and with many great bands, just to name some Criptopsy, Suffocation, Obituary,  Cattle decapitation,  Decrepit birth C

hurch of the Necronomicon:  Has there been any label interest?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — All ours 3 albums have been recorded with the help of 2 underground labels. The 1st one “putrescent clitoral fermentation” under amputated vein. “post abortion slut fuck” and “abusing dismembered beauties” under Sevared records.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What does 2015 hold for Vulvectomy?

Diego Fanelli (Vocals) — We’re planning our 1st European tour..we’ve played many shows and fest here and there, but this will be a complete tour and we’ll try to reach some places where we’ve never been before…and who know maybe a new recording also…