Bow Down To The Grind: Interview with England’s Winds of Genocide


Hailing from Durham City England is the almighty Winds of Genocide who just released their first record “Usurping the Throne of Disease” January 26th on Pulverised Records.  To say this new record is a non-stop tour de force of  grinding destruction is an understatement. Winds of Genocide is the best parts of  punk, crust and death melded together and “Usurping the Throne of Disease” is the best record of it’s type to be released in many years.  The sound is pure, organic and harkening back to the early days of the grind / crust scene with a  modern twist that’s all WOG. Church of the Necronomicon:  For those not familiar with this band, how long have you been around and is this your first record?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  We have been around for a little while now, initially formed in early 2006 but it took us a while to assemble a full line up which didn’t happen until later 2009. This is our first full length album but we have already had one self released EP (“The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon” – 2010) and a split CD with Japanese blackthrash legends Abigail (“Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos” – Witchhammer Productions, 2012) available and doing the rounds for quite some time.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What’s the local scene like where you live?  Who are the bands of that scene we should know about?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  The local extreme music scene here in the North East of England is very vibrant and cool right now, probably the best it has been for years with a good mix of bands, some cool places to play, a good friendly vibe overall. Some local bands I would recommend you to check out are Live Burial (Death/Doom for fans of Asphyx, Autopsy, Obituary etc), Fed To The Boars (Raging Swedeath fuelled Death/Grind), Plague Rider (old school technical death metal), Control (Old school HC), My Rules (Old school HC featuring ex members of local HC legends Voorhees and 30 Seconds To Armageddon), some local bands that are closely affililated to us and who feature members of Winds of Genocide are Uncoffined (Doom Metal Of Death),  Horrified (old school death metal), Cholera (Grind), Geist (Sludge/HC), Lucifer’s Chalice (Sinister Heavy Metal Darkness), Prolefeed (Powerviolence/Punk).

Church of the Necronomicon:  The band has an intense, aggressive sound.  What are the live shows like, are they crazy?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  You will get 30-40 minutes of PURE FUCKING AURAL ARMAGEDDON!!!!! Our live shows are loud, raw, aggressive and at times rather chaotic, not for those with sensitive ears!!!!.

Church of the Necronomicon:  How did the deal happen between you and your record label, Pulverised?  Did you do a standard demo submission?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  I had been doing a couple features on some Pulverised bands for the Terrorizer Magazine website during 2011 and was already in contact with Roy Yeo, the label manager, because of that so one day I figured I would send him a copy of our debut EP via MP3s. He really liked what he heard, he liked our style and approach and said he was interested in signing us and so made us an offer that we couldn’t refuse and thus gratefully accepted! So it was definetly a case of us approaching him first and making the label aware of our existence and music.  I’d been following the labels activities for quite some time before the deal was offered to us.

Church of the Necronomicon:  If I said Winds of Genocide had a real Napalm Death sound would you agree with that or disagree?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  I would be inclined to agree with that to a certain extent, there is definetly similarities, and quite a few people have likened my vocals to a female version of Barney Greenway, someone once said we sounded like Wolfbrigade  with Barney Greenway or Kam Lee on vocals!! Someone else said we sound “Kind of Detestation/Anti-Cimex/Wolfpack meets Entombed/Bolt Thrower/Autopsy with Barney Greenway or Kam Lee on vocals”!!.. That’ll do me!!! I guess we have quite a few of the same influences overall.

Church of the Necronomicon:  In fact, what’s everyone’s background musically because Winds of Genocide has a diverse sound ranging from death metal (“Into the Darkness of Eternal Winter”) to crust and grind (“Venomous Warfare” and “Till Graven”) to even old school punk (“Deathstrike of the Scythe”).

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  My background is a mix of extreme metal and HC/Punk, my ex bands played death metal and doom metal but I was introduced to the HC/crust/punk scene at a very early age due to my younger brother playing in some local HC and Crust bands, so I have been into and around both extreme metal and HC/Crust Punk since the early 90’s and have listened to both metal and punk equally ever since, same goes for Glynn our guitarist, for as long as I’ve known him which is about 20 years he has been the same as myself, listening to a lot of death/thrash/doom/extreme metal and a lot of HC/Crust/Punk, his musical background is in HC and powerviolence, Dan our bassist has a rather eclectic musical background but again listens to a lot of punk aswell as metal, he goes from Crass to Darkthrone via Autopsy! Ian our drummer is from a HC/Grind background musically but he likes quite abit of death metal and some crustpunk so we are all on the same page overall. Linus our ex / original drummer was the same too!.

Church of the Necronomicon:  It seems like the songwriting process might be a little different for a grind / crust band than say death or black metal.  Where do the song ideas come from creatively and how long does it take to write?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  Well our songwriting ideas and creativity stems from so many different angles, we have a lot in common with death metal and black metal song structure wise as we use a lot of verse-chorus type structures which can be found in all types of metal aswell as punk. Ideas can be born individually or in a rehearsal room as a group unit. As for how long it takes to write a song, that depends, each song comes together different, some faster than others. It takes as long as it takes to ultimately finish and refine each individual song from it’s initial inception to being completed. Church of the Necronomicon:  “Usurping the Throne of Disease” has a prominent apocalyptic theme running through it, a very bleak world view. Can you expand on this, are there maybe religious / environmental / political viewpoints coming through on this record?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  My lyrics are definetly very apocalyptic, dark and bleak but such lyrical themes have been ongoing in the band since the first ever songs were concieved. The lyrics on the album deal with the apocalypse, doomsday scenarios, armageddon, the extinction of mankind, chemical warfare, atrocities in war. The song “Mass Graves Of The Innocent” is about as political as I get on the album, the song deals with the subject of horrific warcrimes/genocide both past and present, the lines “Warcrimes of the most vile kind….sickening acts of inhumanity” sum up where that song is coming from lyrically. The rest of the album deals with pure BLOOD, FIRE, DEATH! Some scenario’s in my lyrics being more realistic than others but all of them covering apocalyptic, dark, grim, bleak subjects.

Church of the Necronomicon:  How did you get Mark Riddick to do the artwork for the record?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  I contacted him via facebook asked him if he’d be interested in designing our album cover and to give me a quote, he got back to me with a very reasonable quote and the rest as they say is history! Simple as that! He was/is VERY approachable.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What are the tour plans for 2015 in support of “Usurping the Throne of Disease?”

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  No tours as such just some gigs here and there at the moment but we will see if any interesting offers or invites come our way, it would be great to play some gigs outside of the UK. C

hurch of the Necronomicon:  Is there anything I didn’t ask that you’d like to include here?

Kat Shevil (Vocals):  You seemed to cover quite abit! But heres some trivia. Robert Pehrsson from Death Breath does a guest guitar solo on the album, he works in the same building as the studio in Solna/Stockholm where the vocal tracking/mixing was done, it was Fred (Estby’s) idea to get him in to do a guest solo and it sounds killer, Fred who did the vocal tracking/mixing also did some guest vocals on the album in the track “Millions Lie Slaughtered”, he does a pretty good Chris Reifert impersonation!