Into the Pit with Nuclear Omnicide!

By Theron Moore

On the radar, another band to watch out for, Nuclear Omnicide.  Thrash, speed metal, old school, metal, tearin’ it up, dig this band! Members: Benny Raivio – Vox Alex Anttila – Drums Mikael Ignatius – Guitar Kasper Koutonen – Guitar Simo Perkiömäki – Bass Genre: Old school Deathrash Hometown: Kirkkonummi, Finland Church of the Necronomicon:  Why does this new crop of “retro thrash” bands “get it,” in terms of the sound and the intensity while some of the older trail blazing bands seem like they don’t?  Is it a matter of youth versus age?

Benny Raivio:  I think the “problem” is that the older bands want to progress towards this more modern sound, which to them probably sounds better from a technical standpoint to what they did in the 80’s. Whereas us, and many other new thrash bands, prefer the gritty old-school sound over the clean modern “over produced” sound. Not only because we think it sounds cooler, but also because 95% of all metal bands nowadays sound the same sound wise, and we like to have a bit of personality in our drums and guitars etc.  

Church of the Necronomicon:  What, if anything, is missing from today’s modern metal scene?  From my perspective it seems like the element of “fun” might be one thing.  You guys and a lot of the other old school inspired bands really seem to be enjoying the music you’re doing.

Benny Raivio:  We most certainly love doing this, and for us it’s fun as shit. But I agree that sometimes people take stuff too seriously when it comes to metal, and I could almost call the scene divided nowadays. It seems you either have to be mainstream or really old-school to find a larger acceptance. And sometimes I feel we’re sort of in the middle, not being “safe” enough for the mainstream, and not being “true” enough for the elitist old-school snobs. But we don’t really mind, we’ll keep doing what we do and hope for the best.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Coming together as a band initially, what was the turning point when you all decided to take this musical direction and kind of adopt this old school thrash sound, which is great by the way!

Benny Raivio:  I don’t think there ever was a turning point for us. We set out to play thrash from the beginning, ‘cos that’s what we all listened to and wanted to play, so we stuck to that. C

hurch of the Necronomicon:  Who are some of the old school bands you admire that had a hand in shaping your sound?

Benny Raivio:  Holy shit man, there are soooo many bands! I can try to list some that come to mind: Sepultura, Dark Angel, Death, Morbid Angel, D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, Demolition Hammer, Exhorder, Cannibal Corpse, Discharge, Vio-lence etc… Fuck dude, the list goes on and on and on…  

Church of the Necronomicon:  What do metal fans need to know about Nuclear Omnicide here in the states that maybe we aren’t privy to since you’re overseas?

Benny Raivio:  I don’t think there’s much to know, we’re just five normal dudes who like to play, drink booze and have fun!

Church of the Necronomicon:  “Bringers of Disease” is a great EP.  Musically where does the inspiration come from?  Is it pop culture, movies, music, etc.? Benny Raivio:  Our musical inspiration usually comes from other music. But lyrically we draw inspiration from movies, literature, and often just real life.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Where can metal fans find Nuclear Omnicide?  I know you have a facebook page, are you on band camp?

Benny Raivio:  Right now we’re mainly active on facebook, but we’re probably gonna expand to other social media sites in the near future. As for finding our music, I would say the best place is youtube. Although “Bringers of Disease” is also available on spotify and itunes.

Church of the Necronomicon:  What’s the metal scene like in Finland?  What bands are you recommending?  Lost Society would definitely be one…

Benny Raivio:  I would say the scene is great, but there’s definitely room for improvement. The gap between bands and venues is huge, when it comes to booking gigs. It’s hard to get to play even “medium” size stages, such as clubs and what not, as they usually only book bigger bands. So you have to “break” somewhat, to even get to play comfortable stages instead of super small bar gigs. But there are still a ton of great bands, my favorites being Devenial Verdict, Pit Messiah, Decibel Hammer and Foreseen, to name a few.

Church of the Necronomicon:  We hear a lot about how European shows are crazier and better attended than those in the stateside here.  What’s a typical gig like?  What’s the average crowd size?

Benny Raivio:  Wow, that REALLY depends. Are you playing a big or a small venue? Is it a Friday or a Tuesday? Are there Many other bands playing? Is the venue/band charging a lot for tickets? Those are all factors. All in all it’s good, but sometimes the threshold for people to even show up is too high.

Church of the Necronomicon:  Has there been any interest from a larger label like Metal Blade, etc., to sign the band?

Benny Raivio:  Not that we know of, haha! But hopefully someday someone will show up at a gig and like what he/she sees. That would be awesome! Church of the Necronomicon:  Are you all full time musicians or do you work day jobs?  If so, what day jobs do you guys work?

Benny Raivio:  We all have jobs and/or school at the moment. I myself work at the info desk of a school, while attending another school. Our guitarist Kappe works IT-support, while our other guitarist Igi plows snow. Allu works as a chef when he’s not assaulting his drumkit. And Simo is studying audio engineering, if I’m not mistaken. So yeah, we have a lot on our plate right now, but music always comes first!

Church of the Necronomicon:  What are the touring / recording plans for 2015?

Benny Raivio:  We’ve booked a couple of gigs at the start of the year, but nothing major yet. And when it comes to new material, we’re actually hitting the studio in the end of February to record a 4-5 track demo/EP. So stay tuned about that!

Church of the Necronomicon:  What other information do you want to include that I didn’t cover?

Benny Raivio:  I can’t think of anything I’d like to add, other than thank you for the interview and stay metal!