Interview with Brian Carter of Sarkoma and The Heavils

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Theron Moore

I first heard of Sarkoma when I was writing for SLAM Magazine, then more and more at the local gigs I attended, their name kept popping up.  It wasn’t until a few years later when I was doing my zine “Louder Than God” that I finally decided to interview the band.

I was at work sitting in the breakroom.  Some skater kid sat down by me and started talking about the Sarkoma shows he was at, I think it was Rotation Station in Loves Park.  A few weeks later Greg from Pure Aggression mentioned them to me, how he was friends with the band.  Now Sarkoma was a “must see.”

And what a show it was.  It was the band’s debut performance at a small bar outside of Belvidere after being signed to Grindcore Records.  Sarkoma and Forchristsake.  To say it was a fun exciting time would be an understatement.


Church of the Necromoicon:  What year was Sarkoma started?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   1987 in Aaron Ingrams garage just the two of us. I was playing guitar at that point.

COTN:  How did the band members come together?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Stu and Mike came into band around same time as Aaron and i. we then moved it to Mikes basement where it stayed till it’s end

COTN:  You were a young kid at the time Sarkoma was around.  Was your personal goal to take Sarkoma nationwide and be a working musician or keep the band local and maybe consider school?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   At this point in my life all I wanted was to be a rock star, like Dave says “ I lived my life like there was no tomorrow…

brian carter 2

COTN:  Prior to be signed, was Sarkoma playing just Northern IL or all over the Midwest?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   We did mostly midwest shows. Loved doing all aged shows kids appreciate music more than drunks in bars…

COTN:  What larger name bands did Sarkoma do shows with?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   We never really did too many shows with bigger bands that I can remember.

COTN:  Do you remember that one point in time when it occurred to you that maybe Sarkoma could be bigger than just a local band, that maybe, just maybe you could score a record deal?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Of course that was when I heard us on the radio for the first time, but I never really thought much about what it was going to become. Just played rocked and let it live.

COTN:  Who found who when it came to Grindcore Records?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   A friend at the time was managing us ( Nick Senave ) he was working at Grindcore at aske me to give him a demo next thing we know we get signed on my 21st birthday.

COTN:  At that point in time the Rockford metal scene was pretty active.  Were you thinking that maybe Rockford could’ve been the next big metal scene outside of LA?


Brian Carter (Vocals):   No never crossed my mind.

brian carter

COTN:  Looking back at that era, what’s your opinion now, all these years later?  Do you think Rockford could’ve been the next big metal scene?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Not really, Rockford has always had great talent but without other like minded clubs and bars or places for these talented people to play, it makes it pretty hard.

COTN:  I believe you did two records with Grindcore — “Integrity” and “Completely Different.”  Were you able to tour the country for both records, if so, what bands did you tour with?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   The only tour we did had ¾ of the shows cancelled before we showed up, it was a great learning expierence. Made it all the way to mexico and back…good times

COTN:  What happened between Grindcore Records and Sarkoma?  I believe the label went out of business, right?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Ya but our 2nd CD was on Redlight records same label different name and different bands, more comercial bands

sarkoma logo

COTN:  Was there any label interest in the band post Grindcore?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Ya Redlight.

COTN:  What led to the dissolution of the band, what were the factors involved?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Two people wanted to go in different directions and they did, 1 wanted to get more heavy and one wanted to play rap rock, guess what one I am????

COTN:  Was it a good split or bad split?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Bad

COTN:  Why not revisit Sarkoma now?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   All members have moved on, and too much time has come between us.

the heavils

COTN:  Any plans to make Sarkoma music available on iTunes?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Not sure

COTN:  Is there a Sarkoma Facebook Page or website you’d like to plug?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Nope

COTN:  Post Sarkoma 2014.  What are you doing now?  Do you know what the other band members are doing?

Brian Carter (Vocals):   Well after I was in a way more successful band called The Heavils we were signed to MetalBlade rercords for 5 years put out 2 CD’s and toured with some awesome bands, got to open for Slipknot 3 times opened for Slayer toured with Six Feet Under the Red Chord, Misery signals, Bloodhound Gang Devin Townsend produced our 2 release Heavilution, we were in Guitar Player Magazine twice, Guitar world, Rolling Stone. This was my proudest achivement in music.


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