Thrash Zone! Reviews of Vulcano, Kastasyde, Dsyentery, Undead and Witch of the Waste

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Theron Moore


Bloody Vengeance

Greyhaze Records

Release Date May 18 2015

Vulcano BV Cover_WEB

Greyhaze Records is set to unearth Bloody Vengeance, the 1986 full-length debut from Brazilian death metal pioneers VULCANO.

Formed in 1980, VULCANO is thought to be the first band from Brazil, and possibly South America, to play extreme metal. An early influence for the likes of SEPULTURA and SARCOFAGO, VULCANO’s primal blend of black, thrash and death metal sparked a flame that quickly spread across the mid-80s underground metal community.

Considered one of the most important albums in South American (and beyond) extreme metal, Bloody Vengeance is being reintroduced to a new generation of maniacs. Fully remastered and restored, the album is accompanied by a DVD that features a live performance from the 1986 Festival Da Morte. Greyhaze Records will reissue this cult classic as a six-panel digipak CD/DVD on May 18.

The above was the press release.  Here’s the review:  “Bloody Vengeance” kicks ass.  I dig going back to the roots of anything I’m into and this record paints a great picture of where thrash was in 1986.  Tight, fast and aggressive in the vein of Possessed and maybe early Death as well.  I guess it’d be labelled “primitive” by today’s standards but I’ll take primitive over technical or progressive or whatever the hell we’re calling today’s more extreme types of metal.  Vulcano strips away the outer core of bullshit that tends to constrain a lot of today’s bands and plays from the heart.  No frills, no effects, just music.  Buy this record.




Release Date June 2 2015


Wow.  First track of “Gnosis,” “Natural State,” goes right for the throat with just a hint of old school punk, maybe?  I swear I heard trace glimpses of Minor Threat throughout this record.  “Gnosis” marks the third release from Chicago’s own Kastasyde.

There’s a lot going on here with this record musically.  It’s not thrash and I’m not even sure if it’s metal.  It’s loud, heavy rock that isn’t afraid to explore different sonic territories.  Tracks 3 and 4, “Gnosis” and “In the Spiral” are, dare I say, the slower tracks on the record.  “Gnosis” starts out quiet and grows in ferocity even taking a groove approach at times while “In the Spiral” is a doomy, acoustic piece that revels in what I took to be anger and sadness, with an almost introspective type vibe.

I like “Gnosis” as a record a lot.  It’s not purporting to be anything but heavy, loud, well thought out and well executed rock N roll.  They hit the mark with this record.  Check this band out and definitely pick up “Gnosis” ASAP.



Comatose Music

Release Date July 10 2015


I love death metal especially when it’s done the right way.  “Fragments” defines my last statement.  Gutteral vocals that accentuate the band’s juggernaut approach, musically crushing their way through each song.  This one’s heavy.  Certainly in the vein of bands like Pathology, Katalepsy and one of my favorites, Abominable Putridity.  There’s not a bad track on here which makes this a must for true death metal fans.  Posers beware.

From the press release:  Fragments was engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Rourke at the RedRoom in Waltham, MA to ensure a high quality aural clobbering. To match the musical intensity, the band enlisted Marco Hasmann (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septycal Gorge) to help bring the visual pummeling to life with the cover art. In support of the release, the band will be making their way all over the US in 2015 to spread their volatile death metal attack. Appearances at the Las Vegas Deathfest, Building Temples From Death Fest, Colorado Gutfest, New Jersey Deathfest and a tour of the west coast are just the beginning of their campaign of carnage. With the subtlety of a brick to the face, DYSENTERY are primed to once again to decimate eardrums with Fragments.



False Prophecies


Release: 12 May 2015


Goddamn “False Prophecies” is kick ass!  Fast, moshy, heavy death metal with spot on perfect vocals.  Undead reminds me of a faster, heavier Venom or early Death but fuck it, this band is all its own, they follow no one.  “False Prophecies” is that type of record where you can’t stop listening to it; it gets in your head and demands to be listened to over and over.

Everything from the vocals to the music itself is spot on perfection with Undead’s “False Prophecies.”  This record is in my top ten best of the year right now regardless of what’s to come.

Witch of the Waste

Made of Teeth


Release: 24 March 2015

witch of the waste art

From the press release:  The band’s influence are diverse, ranging from CONVERGE to ULCERATE to RUSSIAN CIRCLES, and many points in between. WITCH OF THE WASTE’s stage show is a ferocious one, to say the least, recalling acts like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and CEPHALIC CARNAGE.

My review:  Loud, chaotic and frantic.  It’s an experiment in aural anxiety that’s owing as much to the bands mentioned above as well as some black metal as well.  But is it good?   Hell yes.  Is it thrash or metal?  No.  It’s what I’d call “Noize Rock” straddling metal, post hardcore, and even some grind elements.  And Witch of the Waste is good at it.  They’ve taken this somewhat new genre and made it their own with “Made of Teeth,” which is an apt description of their music, lots of edge, and lots of teeth.  Buy it, check it out, it’s worth your attention.  Fits nicely in between Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, even Helmet.


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